Made of premium stainless steel
Super fine High precision
Easy to carry and use
Note: * Please keep out of the reach of children!
Model: SS-SA 7-SA 1-SA 2A-SA
Net Weight: 15 g
Gross weight: 27 g
Color: Silver
1-SA (Standard) : used to solder integrated circuits, as well as the installation or replacement parts.
SS-SA (Pointed) : the tweezers is longer than standard length, suitable for precision electronic parts operation.
00-SA (High Elasticity) : the tweezers tip is stronger than standard tweezers, and with a strong clip in circuit board will not bend, parts will not fall off.
2A-SA (Oblate) : the circular can avoid element damage, suitable for extracting chip circuit.
5-SA (Fine) : tweezers nozzle winger, suitable for high density of integrated circuit chip components in operation.
7-SA (Eagle Shape) : tweezers tip bend, apply to extract components in narrow place.
AA - SA (Super model):it is ST - 12 enhanced, Power is better;
5B - SA (Little mouth): tweezers tip were small bending Angle, is suitable for narrow place to extract components.